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Explore the underwater world with Coral Woman's Eyes and be a part for Coral legacy


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About the Author

Lubaina Bandukwala has been in children’s publishing as a writer, editor, and festival curator for a decade. She founded the Peek A Book Literature Festival for children’s, which is now in its fourth year. She does all this so that she can read all the books she wants anytime she pleases and say she’s working. 

Lubaina Bandukwala has a Master's degree in Mass Communication from the University of Houston. Her words have been wandering through various writing genres including newspapers, magazines, television and documentaries, until they found a home in children's media products.

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"Beautifully written with illustrations to match. A powerful reminder that no matter our location or level of experience in the water, we all have an important role to play as a voice for our oceans."

Jeff Orlowski,

Director of Chasing Coral, Chasing Ice, The Social Dilemma

There is so much to love about Coral Woman. Not just her passion for underwater life and understanding the environment, but her bravery and curiosity that pushes her to keep pushing herself. We need more role models like Uma Manii!

Divia Thani,
Global Editorial Director, Conde Nast Traveller

Coral Woman is an evocative, heart-warming story that inspires genuine wonder for coral reefs! At a time when our oceans and coral reefs are confronting grave environmental challenges, the next generation needs more stories of our personal connection to the natural world, and that’s what this book does exceptionally!

Malaika Vaz,
Filmmaker and Founder, Untamed Planet.

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